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5 of the Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken!
Recently we have looked at various types of selfies, including Felfies, 5 of the funniest selfies you will see and 5 things you may not know about selfies! Now, The Selfy Store delve a little deeper and explore the 5 of the most dangerous selfies ever taken. Be warned as some of these selfies may be the most dangerous you will see!
5 of the Funniest Selfies You Will See
Selfies have taken the world by storm and even though they are a simple act of vanity, they are a popular trend! Australia is the most popular place for selfies, followed by the U.S.A and finally Canada. #Selfie boasts an incredible 203 million posts, with Time Magazine including ‘selfie’ into the top 10 Buzzwords in 2012! At The Selfy Store we understand that selfies can be addictive, extreme, sentimental and incredibly funny. Now we’re going to take a closer look into 5 of the funniest selfies you will see!
People all over the world are taking advantage of selfie sticks, whether they are extreme or just a subtle one with your grandma. But now the development of ‘felfies’ is a new adaption of the selfie craze. Felfies are the best way to post next your favoured animal, moving away from the young and trendy selfie.
5 Things You May Not Know About Selfies!
Selfies are a vastly popular way to express your emotion, location or just to take a picture. Recently, selfies have exploded onto the scene but they have been around a lot longer than we may think. Here are 5 things you may not know about selfies!
Survive Festival Season With The Selfy Charge
The summer festival season is well underway, with around a month left until we start to hibernate again for autumn and winter. One of the biggest (first world problems) that face festival goers in the 21st Century is their phone battery dying, we all know that with reasonable usage i.e. texting, pictures and checking emails, that a phone battery won’t last much longer than 15 hours.
5 Most Famous Selfies Of All Time
We’ve taken a look this week at what would be classed as the most famous selfies of all time. This takes in to account everything from who is in the picture, how many times it has been viewed/shared and whether it has been continually referenced afterwards.
10 Selfie Stats You Didn’t Know
Selfie sticks have been around long enough now that we can look at exactly how popular they have become. Some of the stats below are likely to shock even the most avid selfie takers, the popularity of them is phenomenal.
How to Mathematically Take the Perfect Selfie
There’s been a lot of speculation in the media recently with how to take the perfect selfie, and now the team here at The Selfy Store seem to have cracked it.
You’ll Never Guess The Latest Star To Be Spotted With A Selfie Stick
According to American showbiz website, E-Online, The A-list celeb was spotted walking through the streets of New York City, unable to resist getting his selfie stick out and taking a few candid pictures.
The Latest Star Studded Event to Ban Selfies
Ah, the ever famous selfie strikes in the news again!
So You Think You Know Your Selfies?
We have gathered some of the most famous selfies of all time, so you can test your knowledge with this epic quiz from The Selfy Store! Play now!
10 Most Epic Selfies of All Time
With the selfie trend in full swing, people are capturing themselves and their friends on their journeys through life and at momentous occasions more than ever before. Not to mention our favourite celebs jumping all over the trend and turning mere mortals green with envy.
Our Top Tips for Taking The Perfect Selfie
We get asked all the time how to take the perfect selfie, so we gathered our top tips from the team here at The Selfy Store , bringing you the ultimate guide to taking the perfect selfie.
Welcome to the Brand New Blog from The Selfy Store
Welcome to the brand new blog, brought to you from critically acclaimed Selfy Store
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